Amanda Kravat's Quotes

1 I write most of the lyrics... I have to feel them and believe in them to sing them convincingly, and the goal of Marry Me Jane is to have the audience moved in some way. A ballad has to make us cry first if we expect someone listening to be moved by it, and a clever song has to make us laugh before we can deliver it. -on the band's lyrics "Because I've been here long enough to uncover the soul that lurks beneath outrageous people. Warm beautiful crazy funny people. Because there is Eric Schaeffer up the block in the diner and Chris Whitley playing downtown!! And because when I cross the street walking toward my apartment building, I see this flattened key mooshed into the pavement like a little jewel. And I wonder if the person it belonged to ever noticed where he dropped it. Was he paving the road when he lost it or did it fall out of his pocket cause he was running across the street saving a little old lady's life? Food for thought. Many stories and songs here. -on why New York City is the greatest city in the world
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