David Chudnow's Filmography

Music Department

City of Silent Men 1942 musical director
Border Roundup 1942 musical director
Baby Face Morgan 1942 music supervisor
Rubber Racketeers 1942 musical director
The Lone Rider in Texas Justice 1942 musical director
Inside the Law 1942 musical director
The Lone Rider in Cheyenne 1942 musical director
The Lone Rider Fights Back 1941 musical director - uncredited
Billy the Kid Wanted 1941 musical director
The Lone Rider Ambushed 1941 musical director - uncredited
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury 1941 musical director
They Meet Again 1941 music supervisor
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals 1941 musical director
Billy the Kid's Range War 1941 musical director - as Dave Chudnow
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice 1940 musical director
The Devil Bat 1940 musical director
Marked Men 1940 musical director
Hold That Woman! 1940 musical director
I Take This Oath 1940 musical director
Half a Sinner 1940 musical director
Isle of Destiny 1940 music supervisor
The Sagebrush Family Trails West 1940 musical director
Mercy Plane 1939 musical director
The Invisible Killer 1939 musical director
Buried Alive 1939 musical director - as Dave Chudnow
Torture Ship 1939 musical director
Hitler - Beast of Berlin 1939 musical director - as Dave Chudnow
The Adventures of the Masked Phantom 1939 music supervisor
Panama Patrol 1939 musical director
California Frontier 1938 musical director - uncredited
Cipher Bureau 1938 musical director
Prison Train 1938 music supervisor - as David Chudnov
The Stranger from Arizona 1938 musical director - uncredited
Combat Sergeant 1956 TV Series music supervisor
Song of the Land 1953 Documentary musical director
Ruby Gentry 1952 music supervisor
Red Planet Mars 1952 musical supervisor
Loan Shark 1952 music supervisor
A Millionaire for Christy 1951 music supervisor
Passage West 1951 musical director
Valentino 1951 music supervisor
Chicago Calling 1951 musical supervisor
One Too Many 1950 music supervisor
Tripoli 1950 musical director
Holiday Rhythm 1950 musical director
The Fireball 1950 musical supervisor
The Lawless 1950 music supervisor
The Eagle and the Hawk 1950 musical director - uncredited
The Jackie Robinson Story 1950 music supervisor
Forbidden Jungle 1950 music supervisor
Captain China 1950 music supervisor
Cowboy and the Prizefighter 1949 music supervisor
Deputy Marshal 1949 music supervisor
The Fighting Redhead 1949 music supervisor
Roll, Thunder, Roll! 1949 music supervisor
Sky Liner 1949 music supervisor
The Great Dan Patch 1949 musical director
Arson, Inc. 1949 music supervisor
Manhandled 1949 musical director
Tucson 1949 musical director
El Paso 1949 musical director
The Green Promise 1949 musical supervisor
Miss Mink of 1949 1949 musical director
State Department: File 649 1949 music supervisor
Ride, Ryder, Ride! 1949 music supervisor
The Lucky Stiff 1949 music supervisor
Alaska Patrol 1949 musical director
Siren of Atlantis 1949 music supervisor
Trouble Preferred 1948 musical director
Highway 13 1948 music supervisor
Strike It Rich 1948 musical director
Thunder in the Pines 1948 musical director
My Dear Secretary 1948 music supervisor
The Girl from Manhattan 1948 musical director
Harpoon 1948 musical director
The Gay Intruders 1948 musical director
Night Wind 1948 musical director
Red River 1948 music department head - uncredited
Fighting Back 1948 musical director
Coroner Creek 1948 musical supervisor
Waterfront at Midnight 1948 musical director
Shed No Tears 1948 music supervisor
Big Town Scandal 1948 music supervisor
Speed to Spare 1948 musical director
The Argyle Secrets 1948 musical director
Arthur Takes Over 1948 musical director
Mr. Reckless 1948 music supervisor - uncredited
The Enchanted Valley 1948 musical director
Caged Fury 1948 music supervisor
Half Past Midnight 1948 musical director
Let's Live Again 1948 musical director
Albuquerque 1948 musical director
Sleep, My Love 1948 musical supervisor
Perilous Waters 1948 musical director
On Our Merry Way 1948 music supervisor
Open Secret 1948 music supervisor
Dangerous Years 1947 music supervisor
Roses Are Red 1947 musical supervisor
Christmas Eve 1947 music supervisor
High Tide 1947 musical director
Heaven Only Knows 1947 music supervisor
Lured 1947 music supervisor
The Case of the Baby Sitter 1947 Short music supervisor
Gunfighters 1947 music supervisor
Stork Bites Man 1947 musical director
The Hat Box Mystery 1947 Short music supervisor
The Adventures of Don Coyote 1947 musical director - uncredited
Jewels of Brandenburg 1947 music supervisor
The Guilty 1947 music supervisor
Shoot to Kill 1947 music supervisor
Backlash 1947 music supervisor
Bells of San Fernando 1947 musical director
Fool's Gold 1946 musical director - uncredited
Renegade Girl 1946 musical director
Dangerous Millions 1946 music supervisor
The Chase 1946 musical supervisor
Rolling Home 1946 musical director
The Bachelor's Daughters 1946 music supervisor
Black Beauty 1946 music supervisor
Mr. Ace 1946 music supervisor
A Scandal in Paris 1946 music supervisor
The Diary of a Chambermaid 1946 music supervisor
People Are Funny 1946 music supervisor
Pardon My Past 1945 music supervisor
Captain Kidd 1945 music supervisor
Paris Underground 1945 music supervisor
The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico 1945 musical director
A Song for Miss Julie 1945 musical director
The Cisco Kid Returns 1945 musical director - uncredited
The Kid Sister 1945 musical director
The Big Show-Off 1945 musical director
The Great Flamarion 1945 music supervisor
The Town Went Wild 1944 music supervisor
When the Lights Go on Again 1944 music supervisor
Swing Hostess 1944 musical director
Black Magic 1944 musical director
Machine Gun Mama 1944 music supervisor
Dixie Jamboree 1944 musical supervisor - as Dave Chudnow
Call of the Jungle 1944 musical director
Forty Thieves 1944 music supervisor
Take It Big 1944 music supervisor
Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat 1944 music supervisor
The Contender 1944 music supervisor
The Monster Maker 1944 musical supervisor
Lady in the Death House 1944 music supervisor
Sweethearts of the U.S.A. 1944 music supervisor
Nabonga 1944 music supervisor
Career Girl 1944 music supervisor
Harvest Melody 1943 music supervisor
The Unknown Guest 1943 musical director
The Girl from Monterrey 1943 music supervisor
The Renegade 1943 musical director
Danger! Women at Work 1943 musical director - uncredited
The Black Raven 1943 music supervisor
I Escaped from the Gestapo 1943 music supervisor
Death Rides the Plains 1943 musical director
Corregidor 1943 music supervisor
Behind Prison Walls 1943 musical director
Dead Men Walk 1943 music supervisor
A Night for Crime 1943 musical director - uncredited
The Boss of Big Town 1942 music supervisor
Queen of Broadway 1942 music supervisor
Hitler--Dead or Alive 1942 music supervisor


Erotica 1961
Steve Donovan, Western Marshal 1955-1956 TV Series 3 episodes
Hopalong Cassidy 1952 TV Series 6 episodes
The Du Pont Story 1950
The Price of Freedom 1949 Short
Hoppy's Holiday 1947
The Marauders 1947
Dangerous Venture 1947
The Adventures of Don Coyote 1947
Unexpected Guest 1947
Fool's Gold 1946
The Devil's Playground 1946
They Raid by Night 1942
Inside the Law 1942 uncredited
The Mad Monster 1942
The Stranger from Arizona 1938 uncredited


The Amazing Dobermans 1976 producer
The Daring Dobermans 1973 producer
The Doberman Gang 1972 producer
The Love Doctors 1970 executive producer
How to Make a Doll 1968 executive producer
Just for the Hell of It 1968 associate producer
Suburban Roulette 1968 executive producer
Kwaheri: Vanishing Africa 1964 Documentary producer
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