David Cronenberg's Interesting Facts

1 Inducted to Canada's Walk of Fame in 1999.
2 He once said that Scanners (1981) was the most frustrating directing job he'd ever had.
3 Has directed 2 actors to Oscar nominations: William Hurt (Best Supporting Actor, A History of Violence (2005)) and Viggo Mortensen (Best Actor, Eastern Promises (2007)).
4 Profiled in "American Classic Screen Interviews" (Scarecrow Press).
5 Has often referred to The Brood (1979) as his own twisted version of Kramer vs. Kramer (1979).
6 His father was a journalist and his mother played the piano. These roles are reversed in The Fly (1986), in which Jeff Goldblum plays the piano to impress Geena Davis, who plays a journalist.
7 His regular cinematographer until 1988 was Mark Irwin until Dead Ringers (1988), on which Irwin was unable to work because of his commitment to The Blob (1988). Cronenberg then hired Peter Suschitzky, who became his regular cinematographer, and Cronenberg and Irwin have not worked together since then.
8 Turned down the chance to direct RoboCop (1987).
9 Turned down the chance to direct Top Gun (1986).
10 At one point he was in line to direct The Singing Detective (2003), with Al Pacino in the lead.
11 Has admired bugs and insects since childhood. This fascination has lingered on, and can be felt through many of his films.
12 Cites Winter Kept Us Warm (1965) as his inspiration for becoming a filmmaker. It was screened at the University of Toronto when he was a student.
13 Father of Assistant Director Cassandra Cronenberg.
14 Deferred his own salary to make Spider (2002).
15 Father died at age 61.
16 Father was a bookstore owner and sometime columnist for the Toronto Telegram. Mother was a piano rehearsal accompanist for the National Ballet.
17 His crew referred to the final Brundlefly monster seen in the climax of The Fly (1986) as the Space Bug.
18 Was offered the chance to direct Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) but he declined.
19 Directed an episode of Friday's Curse (1987), The Services, called Faith Healer. 13 years later, he appeared in the Friday the 13th film (unreleated to the series), Jason X (2001).
20 President of jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1999
21 John Carpenter paid homage to him in Escape from New York (1981). One of the United States Police Force guards is on the line with Hauk, then adds that Cronenberg is on the line for him. Another person paid homage to in the movie was George A. Romero, who had Isaac Hayes's right-hand man named after him.
22 His father was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and his mother was born in Toronto, Ontario. All of his grandparents were Lithuanian Jewish immigrants.
23 Uncle of Aaron Woodley
24 Father of Caitlin Cronenberg and Brandon Cronenberg.
25 Brother of costume designer Denise Cronenberg.
26 Was set to direct Viska prisiminti (1990). He even wrote a few drafts of the script before Paul Verhoeven took over.
27 Costumes in his films are usually designed by his sister Denise Cronenberg.
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