Erno Rapee's Filmography


The Rum Diary 2011 writer: "Charmaine"
This Must Be the Place 2011 writer: "Charmaine" - as E. Rapee
Brian Wilson: Songwriting 1961-1969 2010 Video documentary writer: "Charmaine" - as Rapee
It's Complicated 2009 writer: "Charmaine"
Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1920s: The Dawn of the Hollywood Musical 2008 Video documentary music: "Charmaine" - uncredited
The Island 2005 writer: "Charmaine"
Matchstick Men 2003 writer: "Charmaine"
The Green Mile 1999 writer: "Charmaine"
Jimmy Jenseits 1993 Documentary short "Charmaine"
Only Fools and Horses.... 1985 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Just a Gigolo 1978 lyrics: "Charmaine"
Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown 1977 writer: "Charmaine" - uncredited
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975 music: "Charmaine" 1926 - uncredited
Derrick 1975 TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Abominable Dr. Phibes 1971 writer: "Charmaine"
Pop Go the Sixties! 1969 TV Movie writer: "Charmaine", "Diane"
In Melbourne Tonight 1969 TV Series writer - 1 episode
Monty Python's Flying Circus 1969 TV Series music - 1 episode
Dean Martin Presents the Golddiggers 1969 TV Series lyrics - 1 episode
Francis Albert Sinatra Does His Thing 1968 TV Movie writer: "Diane" - uncredited
The Password Is Courage 1962 music: "Charmaine" - uncredited
The Thin Man 1958 TV Series 1 episode
What Price Glory 1952 writer: "Charmaine" - uncredited
Sunset Blvd. 1950 lyrics: "Charmaine/Diane" 1950 - uncredited / music: "Charmaine/Diane" 1950 - uncredited
Margie 1946 writer: "Diane"
Two Girls and a Sailor 1944 music: "Charmaine" 1926 - uncredited
Manhattan Melodrama 1934 music: "Agitato Nos.1 & 2" - uncredited
By Candlelight 1933 music: "Violets" - uncredited
Payment Deferred 1932 music: "Frozen North", "Gruesome Tales" - uncredited
Three on a Match 1932 music: "Diane" 1927 - uncredited
Freaks 1932 music: "Gruesome Tales" - uncredited
The Passionate Plumber 1932 music: "Mariska" 1925 - uncredited
Bear Shooters 1930 Short music: "Toddling"
Ladies of Leisure 1930 music: "Debutantes" - uncredited
When the Wind Blows 1930 Short music: "Toddling" - uncredited
Anna Christie 1930/I music: "The Frozen North" - uncredited
The Kiss 1929 music: "Mysterioso" - uncredited
The Single Standard 1929 music: "Mariska" - uncredited
Piccadilly 1929 lyrics: "When Love Comes Stealing" 1928 - uncredited / music: "When Love Comes Stealing" 1928 - uncredited
Synthetic Sin 1929 music: "Dew Drops" - uncredited
The River 1928 music: "I Found Happiness When I Found You"
4 Devils 1928 music: "Marion", "Destiny"
The Red Dance 1928 music: "Someday, Somewhere We'll Meet Again"
Banjoland 1928 Short music: "Diane" - uncredited
The Man Who Laughs 1928 writer: "When Love Comes Stealing" - uncredited
Street Angel 1928 music: "Angela Mia My Angel" - uncredited
Four Sons 1928 music: "Little Mother" 1928 - uncredited
Walt Roesner and the Capitolians 1928 Short music: "Angela Mia" - uncredited
7th Heaven 1927 music: "Diane"
What Price Glory 1926 music: "Charmaine"

Music Department

Back Door to Heaven 1939 musical director
Revolt of the Zombies 1936 composer: stock music - uncredited
Chloe, Love Is Calling You 1934 music arranger
By Candlelight 1933 composer: stock music - uncredited
Doomed Battalion 1932 composer: stock music - uncredited
My Past 1931 general musical director
The Lady Who Dared 1931 musical director
Misbehaving Ladies 1931 musical director
The Hot Heiress 1931 general musical director
Sit Tight 1931 general musical director
Illicit 1931 general musical director
The Right of Way 1931 general musical director
Captain Applejack 1931 musical director
Other Men's Women 1931 general musical director
The Naughty Flirt 1931 general musical director
Little Caesar 1931 general musical director
Kiss Me Again 1931 general musical director
Captain Thunder 1930 general musical director
Going Wild 1930 general musical director
The Lash 1930 general musical director
Man to Man 1930 musical director
Mothers Cry 1930 general musical director
The Widow from Chicago 1930 general musical director
Sunny 1930 general musical director
The Truth About Youth 1930 general musical director
A Soldier's Plaything 1930 general musical director
River's End 1930 general musical director
The Life of the Party 1930 general musical director
The Doorway to Hell 1930 general musical director
Sinners' Holiday 1930 general musical director
Maybe It's Love 1930 general musical director
Scarlet Pages 1930 general musical director
Outward Bound 1930 general musical director
Big Boy 1930 general music director
Top Speed 1930 general music director
The Office Wife 1930 general musical director
Moby Dick 1930 general musical director
Old English 1930 general musical director
Sweet Kitty Bellairs 1930 general musical director - as Erno Rapée
The Dawn Patrol 1930 general music supervisor
All Quiet on the Western Front 1930 composer: stock music - silent version, uncredited
The River 1928 conductor
Riley the Cop 1928 musical director - as Ernó Rapee
The Victoria Girls 1928 Short composer: song "Diane"
Mother Machree 1928 conductor - uncredited / musical director - uncredited
Uncle Tom's Cabin 1927 musical score: recorded by / musical score: synchronized by
The King of Kings 1927 composer: stock music - uncredited
The Birth of a Nation 1915 music arranger: 1921 revival New York - uncredited


Conquer by the Clock 1942 Documentary short
Invasion 1941 Documentary
The Dead March 1937
Men of the Sky 1931
Der Tanz geht weiter 1930 as Ernö Rapée
Whispering Winds 1929
Making the Grade 1929
Dry Martini 1928 uncredited
4 Devils 1928 uncredited
Mother Knows Best 1928
The Red Dance 1928
Fazil 1928
The Man Who Laughs 1928 uncredited
Street Angel 1928
Four Sons 1928 uncredited
Mother Machree 1928 uncredited
Sunrise 1927 New York premiere, uncredited
7th Heaven 1927 uncredited
The Missing Link 1927 uncredited
What Price Glory 1926
Faust 1926
Wehe wenn sie losgelassen 1926
Der Prinz und die Tänzerin 1926
Two Brothers 1926
Monte Carlo 1926
Manon Lescaut 1926
The Waltz Dream 1925 as Ernö Rapée
Variety 1925
The Man Without a Country 1925
The Last Man on Earth 1924
The Iron Horse 1924 1924, uncredited
If Winter Comes 1923
Nero 1922
The Queen of Sheba 1921
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1921
Over the Hill to the Poorhouse 1920
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