Mick Jagger's Interesting Facts

1 His longtime companion, L'Wren Scott, was found dead in her New York City flat on March 17, 2014.
2 The Rolling Stones have begun their "40th Anniversary Licks Tour" in the Fleet Center, Boston. [September 2002]
3 The Rolling Stones are beginning another tour starting in Late August. [August 2005]
4 Speaks French fluently.
5 With Keith Richards, Jagger paid for the funeral arrangements of blues musician Hubert Sumlin, in recognition of the musical influence he had been on the band.
6 In The Rolling Stones' final appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (1948) (aka "The Ed Sullivan Show") on November 23, 1969, they performed "Love In Vain", "Gimme Shelter" and "Country Honk", the slow version of "Honky Tonk Women".
7 Former brother-in-law of actress Cyndy Hall.
8 Lives in London, United Kingdom, Poce-sur-Cisse, France and Mustique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
9 The Sunday Times List estimated his net worth at $311 million.
10 Lives in Los Angeles, California.
11 Began a secret affair with Jerry Hall while she was still engaged to Bryan Ferry (1976).
12 Was romantically linked to former model Carla Bruni, who has been First Lady of France since 2008.
13 Has been longtime companion of model L'Wren Scott since 2001.
14 As his mother Eva was an active member, he has been a longtime supporter of the British Conservative Party.
15 Stated on a British television talk-show in 1964 that The Beach Boys "I Get Around" was one of the greatest songs he had ever heard.
16 Is a big fan of The Beach Boys.
17 Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame with fellow The Rolling Stones member Keith Richards (1993).
18 Is portrayed by Victor Norén in Eight Miles High (2007).
19 The Rolling Stones were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame for their outstanding contribution to British music and integral part of British music culture (11 November 2004).
20 Is portrayed by Luke de Woolfson in Stoned (2005).
21 His father, Joe Jagger, died of pneumonia at age 93 (11 November 2006).
22 Was a frequent guest at the infamous Studio 54.
23 Winner (with Keith Richards) of the Ivor Novello Special Award for Songwriting (2005).
24 Became a tax exile of England (along with his band-mates) by living in France during the late 1960s to early 1970s.
25 Has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine twenty times. The first time was in 1968, and the last one (so far) was in 2005.
26 The Rolling Stones were voted the 4th Greatest Rock & Roll Artists of all time by Rolling Stone.
27 Is the lead singer and Harmonica player of The Rolling Stones. In 1985, he signed a short-lived solo deal, and shortly afterwards, performed with Tina Turner at the Live Aid benefit concert in Philadelphia.
28 Has had nine US number one singles with The Rolling Stones; "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (1965), "Get Off Of My Cloud" (1965), "19th Nervous Breakdown" (1966), "Paint It Black" (1966), "Ruby Tuesday" (1967), "Honky Tonk Women" (1969), "Brown Sugar" (1971), "Angie" (1973) and "Miss You" (1978).
29 Was voted the 4th sexiest artist in music history in VH1's The Greatest: 100 Sexiest Artists (2002).
30 In Knebworth, The Rolling Stones played to their single largest paying audience ever: 200,000 people attended the concert - however, they have played to larger audiences in free concerts (21 August 1976).
31 The North American leg of The Rolling Stones's 1994 Voodoo Lounge Tour was the most financially successful tour in the history of mankind.
32 Attended Dartford Grammar School during from the mid to late 1950s, was said to have been president of the school photographic society so that he could be in possession of a set of keys to the school dark room. Ideal place to take girls during school dances!.
33 As a member of The Rolling Stones, he performed for over 500,000 people on July 30th, 2003 at Downsview Park in Toronto. Along with The Rolling Stones were AC/DC, Justin Timberlake, The Guess Who, Rush, The Flaming Lips, Sam Roberts, etc. The concert was a benefit for the victims of SARS and to help out the Toronto economy.
34 11 May 2003: Voted the 83rd Worst Briton in Channel Four's poll of the 100 Worst Britons.
35 His personal fortune is an estimated GBP 215 million.
36 Elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Rolling Stones (1989).
37 His brother, Chris Jagger, is also a musician.
38 He was invited to the famous orchestral session for "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles.
39 Sang as a guest vocalist on The Jacksons's hit song "State of Shock" (1984).
40 Was knighted by Prince Charles (12 December 2003).
41 Born to Basil Fanshawe Jagger (6 April 1913 - 11 November 2006), called Joe, a teacher, and his Australian wife Eva Ensley Mary Scutts (13 April 1913 - 18 May 2000), he grew up in a middle-class family.
42 The lyrics to the song "Wild Horses" are reported to have been written about Marianne Faithfull, who miscarried her and Jagger's child. It's also been said that Gram Parsons was the inspiration for that song.
43 Supposedly tried out for the role of Dr. Frank N' Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975).
44 Failed an audition for the F. Murray Abraham role in Amadeus (1984). A Clockwork Orange (1971) was conceived as a possible vehicle for The Rolling Stones with Jagger in the role as Alex.
45 When he took his son to the school that he went to all the teachers were excited to see him but the kids just said "'Ere. It's that man that used to be in The Beatles."
46 Sang back-up vocals on the Carly Simon hit "You're So Vain." Jagger is more noticeable toward the end of the song when his accent comes through.
47 Attended London School of Economics.
48 Wrote the song "Angie" to David Bowie's ex-wife Angie Bowie after their break-up. They had a relationship while Angie and David were still married (this statement is false according to Angie Bowie in her book "Backstage Passes". She states that the song "Angie" was probably not about her),.
49 Grandfather of Assisi, born July 1992, and Amba Jagger, born in 1996, children of his daughter Jade Jagger.
50 His 1971 smash hit "Brown Sugar" was written expressly for then lover Marsha A. Hunt.
51 To date (2010), Jagger has fathered 7 children from 2 marriages and 4 ladies: Marsha A. Hunt has daughter Karis Jagger (4 November 1970); Bianca Jagger has daughter Jade Jagger (21 October 1971); Jerry Hall has daughter Elizabeth Jagger (2 March 1984); son James Jagger (28 August 1985); daughter Georgia Jagger (12 January 1992) and son Gabriel Jagger (December 1997); Luciana Gimenez son Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger (18 May 1999).
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