Russ Meyer's Quotes

1 [about the drive-in audiences for his films] [They] do not read reviews. They're influenced by a shrieking, shouting radio spot, bombastic TV spot and bigger-than-life ads. They go and they eat the tacos and hamburgers and maybe make out a little bit, and it's just a nice place to go. So those people don't give a shit about Judith Crist or Rex Reed . Who are they, you know?
2 SuperVixen [from Supervixens (1975)] is like The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946). She wears a white dress, she's good, pure. Shari Eubank . She plays both parts; it's a reincarnation thing. But, you say, did Superangel really die in that bathtub? Was she really electrocuted? And she now is on top of the mountain, with the blood streaming down, but looking beautiful and elegant, guiding the destinies of three people: terrible, nasty, dirty, no-good Harry Sledge, policeman, former Green Beret, redneck, opinionated, a bum lay, sexually sick, very physical, very muscular; and Clint, clean, slim, obviously a stud but not in a pushy, forward kind of way, totally good; and Supervixen, voluptuous, pure, good, totally giving, self-sacrificing. And at the end, she says, "Leapin' Lizards!".
3 There can just be a thin edge separating evil and humor.
4 Nothing is obscene providing it is done in bad taste.
5 I always had a tremendous interest in big boobs.
6 I'd rather play cards if I can't have a lady with big boobs.
7 [commenting on his third marriage] I'm a serial bigamist.
8 The girls kick the hell out of the guys. I've always played well at the Ivy League . . . Cornell, Dartmouth. I have never encountered a berating woman.
9 I love big-breasted women with wasp waists. I love them with big cleavages.
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