Sisqó's Interesting Facts

1 Preparing his new album for release called "The Last Dragon" [January 2006]
2 Released his second his solo CD [June 2001]
3 The name "Sisqo" was Andrews' nickname from his old neighborhood in Baltimore, as his childhood friends thought his light curly hair made him look Latino.
4 Sisqo's vocal style has a lot in common with that of K-Ci Hailey from the R&B group Jodeci. As such, several people, K-Ci included, have criticized Sisqo as having co-opted K-Ci's singing style wholesale, while Sisqo himself has gone on record many times naming K-Ci as his primary influence.
5 Sisqo's visual trademarks are his eclectic hair styles and his flamboyant stage costumes, which were regularly flashier than those of his group mates. Over his career as a recording artist, both with and without Dru Hill, Sisqo's hairstyles have included a bleached blond Caesar, a platinum-colored Caesar (colored with silver spray-paint), blond cornrows, and a neon-red dyed Caesar. Sisqo's flashy style has led to a widespread and longtime rumor that he might be gay or bisexual, allegations which he has consistently denied.
6 Has a development deal with NBC television and a five-picture deal with Miramax.
7 Member of the group Dru Hill.
8 Has his own record label, Dragon Records.
9 Has an older sister, Donisha (b. 1974) who is also his assistant.
10 Has a daughter named Shaione (b. 1995).
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