Terrence Malick's Trademarks

1 Often casts Christian Bale
2 Known for shooting record amounts of film while trying to capture scenes, emotions and unforeseen moments spontaneously
3 Famous for finding the structure and form of his films in the editing process, often reducing the roles of initially larger characters and vice versa
4 Frequent use of classical and religious music
5 Rarely uses artificial light
6 Shoots many of his scenes at magic hour and often keeps the sun in the back of shots
7 Visual dialectics through images
8 Has mostly shot with Steadicam since _The Thin Red Line_ (1998)
9 Philosophical themes
10 Known as a bit of a recluse from public life and rarely gives interviews or makes appearances
11 Many of his movies feature narrated soliloquies by the main characters
12 His films are shot almost entirely outside
13 Often includes nature as a major element in his films
14 Always includes narration by one or more characters
IMDB, Wikipedia

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