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1 When your heart explodes/ is it deathly cold/ you must let the colors violate the/ blackness/ there is/ a Magic World Parallel/ so leave your/ Daily Hell/ Welcome to England he said/ welcome to my World.... you better bring your own sun/ sweet girl/ you gotta bring your own sun/ don't you forget you gotta bring your own sun/ just enough for everyone.
2 The Universities are amazing: every ear is whispered in, it's almost like a womb.
3 [songwriting] I kinda have all the aspects of my personality round one table for spaghetti.
4 It's ridiculous saying there's only one true faith, it's like saying there's only one map to get you up the mountain. I want to see those other maps, man.
5 When it comes to music a lot of people only have their radio. They don't even know what's out there it's like cutting your own throat.... All that stuff "baby make it alright", is not my style, I'm more graphic.
6 I love reading. I'll read the first sentence and if it makes sense to me I pick it up. I really like Joseph Campbell.
7 ["Pancake" lyric] Seems in vogue to be a closet misogynist homophobe.
8 There are people who will tell you that bad things only happen to bad people. That's a lie.
9 They squash the baby bird because their bird got squashed.
10 You have to read visionaries to have visions.
11 Do you know how hard it is for Artists to travel?
12 The playground is the biggest war-zone in the world.
13 It's a very humbling experience. I can't possess a song. The songs are like live entities for me. I have to put them out in the world, and it's none of my business what relationships the songs form. As an artist, I have to make peace with that.
14 It's uncomfortable when I'm sitting down to a plate of spaghetti, when I'm having dinner and somebody wants to know all about the rape or all about "Professional Widow" and how I became an emotional vampire.
15 [on the aftermath of the 9/11 attack] I feel like our leaders have hijacked America's personality, and taken her to personality plastic surgery school. And they decided this is who she is.
16 Only a few people should have a "greatest hits". I'm not one of those people.
17 I was supposed to be a concert pianist but I was more interested in what Stevie Wonder was doing.
18 When someone asks me if I've found Jesus, I say, "Yeah, I saw him at a Nirvana concert a couple of years ago." It's like, Jesus has got things to do, he's got a ten o'clock. He's not going to fix things for me, I have to fix things for myself, so I try and have a sense of humor about it and nobody finds my humor very amusing. We've just got to lighten up on the savior bit, folks. You know, get off the cross, we need the wood.
19 It's all about draining you of your passion. That's what religion is about - cutting off the physical from the spiritual.
20 Some people get baptized with sprinkles, well, I had my head down in the water for 25 years.
21 Seven years I would turn in tapes to record companies; after seven years of rejection of my own music, I believed them when they said, "This girl-at-her-piano thing is never gonna happen . . . Get a band, do metal, do dance, do whatever" - and I did them all. I had my limit of how much rejection I could take. I didn't believe in myself enough.
22 If you can hang around till you're 41 and not frighten people when you walk in the room, you're O.K.
23 Anyone can attend yoga, kabbalah classes, church, lectures by the 'Dalai Lama', yada, yada, yada - but can you be present for your life, and live with the way you treat other people?
24 I think human beings are so much more capable of what they told us we're capable of.
25 Let's be honest, religion has not supported women and men exploring all sorts of their sides, their unconscious. It has not been supportive of, you know, go into the places without shame, without blame, without judgment, and just let yourself really see what's cooking in there.
26 I run into Pentecostals all the time . . . a lot of them are my friends, and they say, "Tori, I hope you find Jesus." I say, "How do you know I'm not having a margarita with Jesus tonight at 10 o'clock?"
27 There's room for everybody on the planet to be creative and conscious if you are your own person. If you're trying to be like someone else, then there isn't.
28 I don't know of anybody who's gonna be fulfilled if they get hit by a bus. You have to surrender to that eternal need to be fulfilled.
29 When I sleep I often have nightmares. I can already hear your readers saying, "I knew that. The way your songs sound you must really have horrible nightmares."
30 My nightmares are so bad, that I mostly reject it when my friends want to take me to a cinema to watch a horror movie. Then I say, "No, thank you. I will dream in a few hours."
31 God is, "Hey buddy, I think you need a babe. Sit down. And I just happen to be around." The whole concept of God that our institutions have taught us, whatever it is, it's not just Christianity but the whole rigmarole, to me isn't what it truly is.
32 [on growing up as a minister's daughter] I was taught a belief system where there wasn't really any room to discover my own belief system.
33 I mean just 'cause you're a piano player, I think people just have an idea of what that is. They've decided they kinda' have you figured out.
34 The whole Bible Belt banned me for "Crucify" because they thought I was being sacrilegious. They felt that it was detrimental material for their children and that it was blasphemous.
35 I see the dream and I see the nightmare, and I believe you can't have the dream without the nightmare.
36 [on her daughter] I didn't want her looking and hearing me and thinking, "Oh my God, that's a scary lady!"
37 [on the piano] It plays me, really. I don't play it. There is a surrender to what the instrument is capable of it and I try to listen to it.
38 Great composers are collectors of ideas first.
39 I'm beyond the fury of youth. I love young women who are angry. They're wild mustangs. But if you don't transcend that, you become a very disturbed 40-year-old.
40 In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It's hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and isn't afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe.
41 [about the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on New York] Don't you think it's really important now that there's a forum, that we're talking about all sides of what happened September 11 and what led up to it? We need to do some research; we need to think about, Why is the world where it is? It's so deep-rooted, if we really start looking, and we might not like what we find. But I think we have to, we have to ask the questions.
42 [after breast-feeding her daughter for the first time] An ounce of breast milk is even more potent then the finest tequila.
43 I just try to strip myself, peel myself like an onion. At different layers I discover stuff. I do it publicly, and if it helps to inspire somebody else, which inspires somebody else, we're talking about a really exciting world here.
44 If you call me an airy-faerie, new age, hippy waif, I will cut off your penis.
45 The music is the magic carpet that other things take naps on
46 I'm too wacky for most weirdos, who am I to judge ?
47 Stuff is the issue...
48 I know I'm an acquired taste: I'm anchovies. And not everyone wants those hairy little things. If I was potato chips, I could go more places.
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